from handwritten to handmade

Hi, I'm Brittany and this is my family. My husband Bobby and I fell in love when we were teenagers. We eloped when we were 21 and moved from Florida to Texas. We now have two lovely daughters: Violet and Lily. 
Calligraphy has been a hobby of mine for years. I was doing hand lettering for friends' weddings for most of my paid work....until I broke my hand. It was a pretty normal day. I was in a bouncy mood. A badly timed pirouette and a broken hand later, I found myself unable to practice calligraphy for several months.

My hands started to feel restless, so I took up crocheting as physical therapy. I was also on bed rest in my second pregnancy--so let's face it, what else was I going to do? I started crocheting things for my babies. Bibs were the first thing I made. I got so tired of their outfits getting ruined by drool. Like, literally ruined with drool (disgusting, right?).  I made them from washable cotton yarn with no velcro so I could throw them in the laundry and use them again and again. What surprised me was how cute they were. Before long I had a bib to match every outfit. 

After Lily was born, I was frustrated that none of the baby caps would ever stay on her head. All a baby can move is their head, and Lily's head wiggled constantly. I couldn't keep her hospital cap on her head, and the NICU nurses insisted that the hats would keep her temperature up. I started crocheting bonnets and found that they were much more effective at staying on her head. And they are so stinking cute. Fast forward to 2018. I opened my Etsy shop to sell my bibs, bonnets, and bows. I get so much joy from seeing babies in my bonnets! It never gets old. It's why I do this.

I'm doing calligraphy again. Still mostly for weddings. I've integrated some of my signs into my shop, but I get that calligraphy can be pretty personal. It's not always as simple as clicking the "add to cart" button. So if you want to talk more about personalized signs, drop me a message!

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